Friday, June 18, 2010

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On this Big Day..I am really indebted to a lot of people who helped me make it through. I am so thankful for all those people. For all who helped me with free of any charges and those who are always there and believed in us.

I know I couldn't name everyone, but I will mention a few. First to Ate baby and ate Merly..they are the busy one finding all needed plates, glass, spoons and forks, seats and a lot more things!. To my Tiya Merly.. my fathers' sister-in-law..who helped me with my dress and my girls' dress. And find the cake!

Thanks to the people who make the 'damara' and who helped to cook the meal. All free of charges! Thanks everyone!

And a lot more thanks to KUYA WILLIE!.. who is the big Man in my Big Day! He is behind the flowers, the table settings, the corsages, the bridal car decorations, the bouquets, the girls baskets and a lot, lot more! He is behind the beautification of my Big Day! The guess what?? ALL FOR FREE!! Thanks KUYA Willie! He's a professional wedding organizer and sometimes director!

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melody said...

wow!!! prepare na prepare na po kayo para sa big day!!