Saturday, June 5, 2010

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the Ring hUnt

I've been a little idle for a few weeks and that's because I've been busy preparing for my Big Day. I never thought it's this stressful and exhausting. Well, no one in my siblings did marry in church, mostly they were civil married. So we haven't experience preparing for such event.

The past few weeks are challenging. Especially if you are in a tight budget, like us.

It is only almost 2 more weeks left before my big day and almost everything is ready (except me, i think..LOLz). Anyways, one of the important things that we prepared is the ring. Yes, I think that's one of the most important thing.

So let me share to you my adventure in my ring hunt. ^_^

Only three weeks left and yet we still don't have a ring (parang wala lng noh?). I don't know where to wisely buy a ring, since like what I said, we are on a tight budget. I asked some of the people I know and they point me to Ongpin (Sta. Cruz, Manila). That is one of the busy streets in Manila. Truthfully, one place I hate here in NCR is Manila area. It is so crowded, so busy, so noisy and so stressful. Sometimes you are not stress out while buying, however, the transportation will drain out your energy for sure.

Still, even though I hate going there, I still went over since that's the place where you can find everything in cheaper prices. I was also forwarned to be careful in choosing since there are also a lot of fake jewelries. So there, me and my pangga (love) went to Ongpin for our ring hunt. But then while looking for the right ring we realized that both of us don't know how to look for the real gold. So we stormed, we looked and we asked about each and every store we see and every wedding ring design we like.

Did I say that you can find everything in Manila and in even cheaper prices? Well, I bet you will, 'coz we did. I have known that gold were costly these days. My sisters' bestfriend and my brother-in-law are both in Jewelry business and said as much. So imagine my surprise when we ask about the ring that we like cost only fifteen hundred pesos for a pair of 14 karat gold ring and we can still barter for a discount??? Whoah! that really sent me not only doubts but a firm confirmation that the ring was a fake. And in each and every store we ask, they have almost the same price or vary only for a hundred or two. And going from store to store and walking the streets of Sta. Cruz is so creepy, too.

So finally, after an hour or so of ring hunting, we have decided to check the mall prices for a wedding ring. We went to SM Manila first since it's the nearest mall in the area, and in our way home. We drop by and checked. The prices of rings were over our budget, but still reasonable. So I thought maybe adding another buck in our budget for the ring won't hurt. But still we are short for cash since we bring only what is our budget so we went home and plan to check another mall much closer to our home - Market! Market!.

It is late and some shops are already closing for the day. Good thing, there are still jewelry store open so we check in. And this what we found. An elegant, simple and affordable ring for us. It is not much, but I love it! Pangga(love) chose it. I showed him another ring that is a little thicker and just the same design (only with more stone around the ring) which is a little cheaper (but not so much cheaper) but he just shake his head.

I think he has fallen in love with this one. ^_^


MinnieRunner said...

Wow, you're getting married. You're the 2nd blogger friend I had read of a post of getting married. Congratulations! and Best Wishes!

~fisha~ said...

wah!!! nice coupled-ring! congrates! yea!!! gudluck,;P

jenskie said...

im getting emotional na. :) and yes, im the one to took photo of this! hehe... i think you can bring your gown and shoes to the office i would love to take shots of them. oh, i love wedding photography!