Monday, June 7, 2010

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Olympus T100

A peasant can dream. And every accomplished dream, however small, is something to be proud of, right?

I've been wanting to buy a digital camera for yeeears... but circumstances won't allow me. Then came this big day of mine, what with all the finances and everything, the chances of buying was pushed deeper or rather further in mind. But I really want to have one for myself.

I really wanted to have my own camera, especially now that I have this little blog of mine. And I want to document everything, from preparation to ceremony to reception of my big day thru the picture. I want to take picture of everything and share it here in my blog. But I can't because the only camera I have is the 3 mega pixel camera of my samsung phone which I couldn't use inside our boarding house because light is poor and the quality of the picture is so poor since it doesn't have a flash.

My last post's photos, the ring hunt, was taken by my officemate and fellow blogger with her Nikon D5000. I couldn't afford that kind of camera..... yet.

But I want to have my own digital camera. So last weekend I decided to look for one. I gave myself a budget limit for the item. I keep in my mind to look for the item that would not exceed my assigned budget. So in TriNoma we (me and my sister) went. We went to every shop that sells digital cameras and compare prices. In all the cameras that I looked, there are three choices I found that is in my budget and still have a good enough specifications, the Samsung ES15, Samsung ES25 and the Olympus T100 (gave only a glance to the Sony, Canon, Kodak and other BIG names (*-*) ). I admit I am not very good when it comes to gadgets, so I don't know which to choose. My first choice is Samsung ES15 just because it is cheaper. :)

So I asked the sales person every question that would come into my mind, comparing each cameras. In the end I settled for the Olympus T100. It is not much, I know. But it is mine, I bought it with the money I earned. I didn't asked anybody to give it to me. It is not a gift of someone or anyone. I bought it and it is a dream come true. However simple it is, I am still proud of it. ^_^

I just wish I have chosen wisely... *_^ (can you tell me if I did chosen correctly?? (-.-) )

Here are the general specification of Olympus T100
  • 12 Megapixel
  • 3x optical zoom
  • digital image stabilization
  • 2.4" LCD monitor
  • Intellegence Auto
Other specifications

Recording System
    Still picture                   Digital recording, JPEG format
    Applicable standards    Exif 2.2, Digital Print Order Format (PDOF), PRINT Image Matching III,
    Sound with still picture  Wave format
    Movie                          AVI Motion JPEG
Memory                           Internal Memory
                                         SD memory card
                                         SDHC memory card
Lens                                 Olympus lens 6.3 to 18.9 mm, f3.1 to 5.9 (=36 to 108 mm on a 35mm camera)
Shutter speed                   4 to 1/2000 sec.
Connector                        Multi-connector (USB connector, A/V OUT jack
Power Supply                   One Olympus lithium ion battery (LI-80B)
Dimensions                      93.0 mm (W) x 60.0 mm (H) x 23.3 mm (D) excluding protrusion
Weight                             174.2 g including battery and card

(NOTE: pictures are taken by my samsung samsung 3 megapixel cellphone)


airamara said...

it's good to know that you chose olympus than samsung. olympus is way better than samsung when it comes to digital cameras because they are known for that product. The specifications were ok too. 12 megapixel and 3x optical zoom..not bad.

svetlana said...

@airamara ohhh.. i am happy to hear that..tnx :)

jenskie said...

had nothing to say, but i agree with airamara!

see yah later!