Tuesday, June 8, 2010

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the sHoes!!

Finding the ring is no different in finding shoes for the preparation for my big day. If finding the ring is tiresome, double that and add to that the headache. Headache because there are so much choices, so many beautiful ones and yet you have to choose only one. :(

I spent almost half of a day looking for the shoes. I have to find three sets of shoes - for my mom, my sister, and me.

What makes it harder looking for the right one is that the shoe departments' most displayed stock are school shoes since school opening is in the corner. Good thing is that I have someone with me to help me choose. She's an officemate, a fellow blogger, a maid of honor and a friend. (-.-)

I found one pair from Ferretti. A brown 2" heeled sandals for my mom (i just hope she wears it ^_^) I have no problem with sizes because we have the same feet size.

What took most of my time finding is the right one for my sister and me. Actually I already had my eye for the GIBI. I like their new designs but I am considering the budget. Budget, budget, budget... Always the budget..

So I ignore the GIBI for awhile and look around for my sisters' shoes. It seems that I've already seen all pairs available and can't think of which one will be a good partner for a green gown. I have difficulty finding the right pair 'coz I am not good in color combination. *_*

Poor in everything...haist..

Well, time is passing by and the mall is starting to box their displays. I have to decide wether I'll buy or waste another half of the day. The next day is already accounted for, so I decided to buy the 3ocalo and the GIBI. With the help of my friend we came up with this designs...

They are beautiful, ain't they?? (say yes, pleeeease??? :O )

(Note: Pictures are taken by with my new Olympus T100 (-.-))


melody said...

i love that sandals!!! especially the second one!!! ;-)

svetlana said...

really.. tnx :)