Friday, March 26, 2010

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fiRst 'rEal' sUmMer GeTaWay

It's been awhile since my last entry. Now it is a post dated event.

I had my first summer getaway early this year even before it's summer. Now I call this entry first 'real' summer getaway because it's now summer!!!

Yes, the temperature is soo hot, the sun is blazing, the heatis irritating.!!Yes, it's summer!! What's good in summer?? well, Beaches!! swimming!! and cool places!!

March 20, me and few of my officemates agree to have a swimming in tagaytay..the little baguio of cavite..
since I have work from 2pm until 10pm, my first shift friends went first then me and three others followed through.

It was fun, we arrived at around 12:30 m.n of the 21st. They are already wet from the pool and drunk.
And guess's chillin' cold my dears..!! I'm practically shivering and the water felt like melted ice.!!!!
love this chairs

But I love it!..I enjoyed every minute of it...We stayed in the pool for hours and hours until early morning of the 21st.

March 21, sunday morning..I woke up first..having an hour of sleep, I am alive and shivering and chillin'..I started sightseeing the place..It was a nice, cool little place..they have sports and billiards and darts..and FRUITS!!! hah! if it's my place I'll go up those trees and pick each ripe fruit..(nakakahiya lng umakyat d amin eh..hehehe) the place is owned by my friends' relatives..

After the refreshing swim, we went to picnic grove and walk the eco-trail..though chilly i still sweat when we reached the finished..

I enjoyed the getaway..but  have measles and fever the next day when I arrived home. I am fine now..and no more rashes..ready for another summer getAway..heehehe *_*


ur_gurLNxtdOor said...

nice to know that you had fun and that you really enjoyed your outing :)

hmn...parang may di maganda sa pic?..hehe LOLz ;))

anyways, dpat pinost u din ung pic na malaJABAWOCKEEZ ang posing mie..TABAwockeez dun, ee..hehe :))

MinnieRunner said...

Sarap naman! I don't have a real summer getaway yet. Glad to hear that you enjoy.

svetlana said...

@ur_gurLNxtdoor hmmp dapat sma k para clown kmi..lolz

@minnie hehehe ang ginaw nga eh..pero sarap magswimming *_*