Sunday, December 13, 2009

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Words You Cannot Say on Public Media

    I'm not a fun of television, but I want to speak about some words that you can't speak while you are on-air..television or radio..whichever you prefer, as long as it's public media. When I was young and still in school, I'm very careful of words, very afraid my elder brothers and sisters, my parents and my teachers will get angry with me if they hear me speaking foul languages. Then times passed and I've met different people, different personality. I became exposed to more reality and I have adopted some things not favorable to most. Now, hearing and speaking foul languages is normal in my side of world. I was inspired to write all about these words of George Carlins' book that he discusses about these words using it in his comedies...

   Here are the words that I believe you cannot speak in public media..Although they most copied from George Carlin, I wanted to share it and I do agree with the logic.
 fuck - actually is an English word and the most literal meaning refers to the act of sexual intercourse. However, this is my top most dirtiest word that you really, really should not say on public media specially on hours that most kids are watching. This word couldn't be dirty for adult depending on the way you speak and the tone of the speaker though it is mostly used when angry. Although it is generally considered profane. It is used, sometimes, as expression, the meaning is not intended. (What the fuck do you think you are doing in here?)

motherfucker - it is a combination word, I can't tell its compound words since there is no root word, but rather a combination of words. You wouldn't want to be addressed as motherfucker, would you? I don't think so. I, myself will slap the hell out of anybody who would call me motherfucker! Wonder why the emotion? Well, if you don't know the meaning of the word mother fucker, then I'll educate you.. the term Mother fucker means a man who had sex with someone else's mother, specifically with a woman in some kind of tight spot (ex. economically) who agrees to have sex with the man only out of desperation. The woman doesn't really want to sleep with this man, and she isn't a prostitute in the professional sense, but this man presents an alternative to watching her children go hungry.

So then you know, first thing I'm not a man, [ ^_^ ] the second thing, that's not the kind of a mother I got for a mom..(i love you, mom) I got the best mom in the world!

But then, calling someone motherfucker means that someone is taking advantage of poor and downtrodden people with no options or it could mean that the person addressed as such is incapable of seducing non-desperate women. It is like calling someone as a lowly or you're downgrading someone.

(That bestfriends of yours are a real motherfuckers!)

cunt - a vulgarism, generally referring to a female genetalia especially the vulva, and including the cleft of venus. Cunt could mean an 'unpleasant' or either ' a stupid person'. Being called as cunt could also be defined as a 'sexual object'. It is used to disparage a woman. If used to address a man, it is defined as to 'a despicable man'.

(What the fuck are you doing here, you cunt of a motherfucker?)

cocksucker - I couldn't think of any good definition of this combination of words. Literally and educationally, this word is dirty and not so good on a public media to be used. I believed it's literal meaning is 'oral sex'..(correct me if I'm wrong)..Usually performed upon the penis. It maybe performed to induced orgasm and ejaculation of semen. Cocksucker is commonly reffered to as a blowjob. It is an adult word for me and not advisable for kids to hear on public televisions and radios..although it is oftenly heard on paid channels. Cocksucker is a disparaging term also especially if the addressee is male.

bitch - I don't think this word is so much as downtrodding as the other words..this is my favorite word actually, I like the uses of it..could be positively and negatively bitch..depending on whom it is addressed and to what does it refer to. Wait, is it ban on public media?? Well, well, told you I'm not a fun of television..^_^ I think it is accepted now on public..I think I can even hear this word on daily primetime shows..

So let's leave that one..(I'm a bitch, I'm a lover, I'm a child, I'm a mother, I'm a sinner, I'm a saint. )

shit - like the word 'fuck' it is commonly used now as expression..(Shit, It's 2:35 of the morning and I'm not yet finished with this topic!) Shit if used as noun refers to fecal matter, but if used as verb it means to defecate. In slang term, it means nonsense, foolishness, something of little value or quality, trivial and usually boastful or inaccurate talk, or to contemptible person.

I could list a lot more of a word here and discuss it, but pressure time is running and my bed is that's it for now.. The bitch side of me uses some of these words, but I watch my language whenever I'm around kids, don't worry. But what the heck, I'm not on television, I can say whatever I wanna say..*hehehe* Whatever..Be a smart, choose your channel and your shows.. watch with your kids..Don't fuck up with me..!!


jenskie said...

well, just a few words... i love saying these words! hahah

svetlana said...

haha..i do too sometimes use them..