Saturday, December 12, 2009

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Christmas times, fun memories!!!

I love December!.. I love to think December is here.. There's a lot of things happening during this month.. I have time to visit my parents, bonding moments with friends and relatives you haven't seen for long.

And one thing I wouldn't want to miss is the joy of exchanging gift and the fun of kris kringle. Yesterday, December 7 is our first day of kris kringle.. Our theme is 'something naughty'. I really had fun.. Although there's only four of us, the gifts are really awesome!

I love it all!..I got a cute figurine..a sophisticated lady pig in lavender figurine exposing her boobies..

so sexy and so lady like..

Ruby got my gift which is a pair of thong and a lubricant..its naughty and green..

Ara and Jen got bunnies headband..of different colors..

These are simple things I share with my friends, but we do had fun..the excitement over opening and finding what's inside the box is worthy..

Our next theme for the next week kris kringle is something worth remembering..

I can't wait to for monday to see what's in store for us..I'm wondering what I'm getting..

And on December 19 will be our final exchange gift some more added friends will join on it..

These are simple things I always enjoy and looking forward to christmas..simple things and few minutes or hours of fun with friends..



jenskie said...

i wish we could extend our exchange gifts!

svetlana said...

@jenskie time, we will...