Tuesday, July 9, 2013

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Salary Request Checklist for Newly Permanent Teachers

   When you a newly appointed permanent teacher, usually you waited months and months mostly 4 to 6 months before you can taste the fruits of your labor.

   I am bit lucky. We can now request for our salary every month after a month of service. There are only papers to prepare and submit to the Division Office which should be checked and approved by the School Principal. We request for our salary until our names are included in the list of payrolls.

    Here is the checklist of supporting documents you need to attached if you are a teacher requesting for the first time for your salary.
1.      Letter request of teacher concerned endorsed by the School Principal.
2.      Duly accomplish Form-7 (Report of Service).
3.      Duly accomplish Form-48 (DTR) original.
4.      Certification Re: First Day of Actual Service.
5.      Certification that the teacher concerned HAS/NOT received any salary (indicate inclusive dates).
6.      Oath of Office.
7.      Statement of Assets & Liabilities (SAL)
8.      Membership Information Sheet (GSIS)
9.      Attested/Advanced copy of appointment duly received from CSC
10.  Personal Data Sheet (PDS)
11.  BIR Form 1902 (duly received by the BIR)
12.  NOSCA (for Newly Created Item/s only)
13.  ATM account number
14.  TIN number. 

    All of these papers should be submitted in four (4)  copies each.

    You can find and download my sample of checklist HERE.

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