Thursday, July 11, 2013

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Request for Unpaid Salary of Teachers Checklist

  The checklist for Salary Request of New Teachers is just one time use. Once done with the first request and still you are  not in the payroll, a new checklist of papers that needs to be prepared is needed.
  The second time you request for salary is better than the first time. Checklist is shorter  - meaning you have fewer sets of papers to prepare. (It's not easy to prepare all the papers ha.)

   The following are the sets of paper you need to prepare if you are requesting for the second time.
    1. Letter request of teacher concerned endorsed by the School Principal.
    2. Endorsement Letter from District Supervisor concerned.
    3. Duly accomplish Form-7 (Report of Service)
    4. Duly accomplish Form-48 (DTR) Original
    5. Attested/Advanced copy of appointment duly received from CSC
    6. Certification that the teacher concerned HAS/NOT received any salary.
    7. Payslip (latest) (I did not furnish such paper since I do not have payslip yet)
    8. Returned endorsement (if returned to the District Office ) (only when your papers is lacking something, signatures or etc. and returned by Division Office)

    If you have questions or clarifications, you can ask me guys. I do not bite. hehe

    Soft copy of checklist HERE

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