Friday, June 14, 2013

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Shopping without Spending

Do you love shopping?
I do.
But are you as "kuripot" like me? :)
I love buying something for myself, something usable.
But, I want them cheap! FREE, if possible.

 And yes, I do find some things for free.
Not as "free" free.
But free as in I bought them without spending cash. Not using credit card.

But I bought them with POINTS!!
Yes, is an online shopping mall.
It has a wide variety of items available for sale!
All can be bought with points you earn every time you log-in each day.

From accessories to Jewelries.
From Apparels to Jeans.
Shoes and Bags.
Food and Appliances.
Gadgets and CARS!!!

They are all here! 
Want to try and experience HALLOHALLO treat?

Maybe, you can start browsing with

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