Tuesday, June 25, 2013

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I've Fallen in-love and now I am Heartbroken

In my mail I received a very beautiful package.
A packaged I have fallen in-love.

As I opened the item, I was in awe.
It was prettier than I thought it was.
Much lovelier than it look on the website.

So daring, so girlish.
Lace and flowers everywhere.

But in my dismay,
It is too small for my legs.
It wouldn't even fit upon trying.

My legs are too  big for the beauty.
I haven't check the size.
I just know that it is a one size leggings.
I forgot that one size means sizes for Chinese.
Lol, my legs are far from Chinese fit.

Featured item: Colorful Rose Printing Leggings
by: Romwe

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