Sunday, June 30, 2013

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I am a proud user/consumer of Globe.
  Fast transaction. Easy to use. Approachable Customer Service. That is my experience with Globe.

I am really glad that I have shifted to Globe years ago. 
  Now I don't have problem of losing loads with my prepaid phone, no slow or no internet connection. Any problem that occur is easily solve, that is only a call or text away. The customer service is always helpful.

  Before, while I was using a different service provider my regular load is always lost just after I load it. One time, I have called the customer service and yes they entertain me. They ask me to wait for 24 hours and the problem will be fixed. After 24 hours I called again since the problem is not yet fixed and the load is not returned. A customer service answered and ask me to wait a little while more. Forty-eight hours has passed and still the problem is not fixed. I called again and asked about the query I have made days ago, they pass my call to other department and still the problem is not fixed. The fourth time that I called was really ruthless. They have block my number and I couldn't call the customer service anymore. I was so pissed. That was a rude way to entertain a customer. I may not be a big customer but still I am a customer, am I wrong?
With globe I can access the net faster with Globe broadband.
I can buy and sell using Globe too. Glad they offer GCASH. Faster way to transact business. Very easy access to buy and pay via GCASH they are everywhere even in sari-sari store near you. I have been using GCASH on shopping online and also receiving payment on my online shop,
I can even buy load for my prepaid sim card using GCASH. No hastle. No worries.

A lot of promos, too. Such as creating your own promo, lowest service fee for GCASH payment, rebates by loading prepaid sim using GCASH, Redeemable rewards points and lowest unlicall/text promos!

I can't think of any reason why should I choose differently.

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