Friday, February 15, 2013

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Try Before You Buy - Sample Room

I was only referred by a blogger to a website via e-mail. Usually I don't pay attention to such e-mails. What makes me interested is the photos included in the email. So I visited the site. Good thing that I did. It was so new that time that I'm not sure what the blogger wanted me to do to the website. It was promising though. So I registered and leave it at that. 

Having browsed the site and found nothing to do anything there, I just leave and almost forgot it. Until I received an email from them updating me for some changes and other additional information on the page. And this time they already have sample items for free. 

I haven't ordered yet, I still waited sometime before trusting it. (the vigilant me at work.. lol)

The website I am referring to is non other than, SAMPLEROOM.PH. One of the promising website today for reviews and trying out the items before it goes to the market.

About Sample Room:
  This is a site for sample items. This is where you can buy beauty products in small quantity for trying before you buy the whole package. Saves you a lot of money.  The site is open for reviews from all those who bought the items. If you don't want to buy anything, you can browse it and read reviews made by other consumers. The reviews were all helpful if you are being a wise consumer. By the reviews made you can make your decision if you should buy or not. It will also help you identify if the product will suit you best.

How to earn points:
    As I have mention above, all item at Sample Room can be bought only with points. When you register, you will automatically be credited with 100 points to start with. You can already use this point to buy your first sample. That is only your preliminary earning point. You can start from there. But to make your points grow, you can do the following:
  • Rate and Review sample. You can only do this if you already purchased sample products.
  • Registered referrals. Spread the word and let them register to the site and experience the risk free shopping. :)  [So if you register let me know your email used in registration, that would be your gift to me (^-^)]
  • Sample Room contests. Sample Room offers contests where you can earn points.
  • Buying of Points. (This portion is not yet available, but it will be soon) If you lack points and you wanted an item to be included in your orders, you can buy points with your own money. :)
How much is the cost?
   Registration is free. The only cost you will shoulder is shipping of the items you wanted to sample on. Aside from Shipping, there is nothing more.


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