Wednesday, February 20, 2013

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Join the Running Revolution with adidas Energy Boost

Running is not my forte. With my very feminine moves (which is very slow) you would wonder how I will look like if I'm running. My friends will laugh at me if I tell them that I was once pre-selected for a relay races during my elementary years. Even me, I couldn't imagine myself being included in any race games. Race games were made for fast runners, so does that mean that I was fast? If I am, then what happen? lolz...

But I remember my childhood in the countryside...

Whenever I join a racing games, or any games that will involve running, there is this one crazy little thing that I always do to boost my run. That is, picking up my slippers (we are always on slippers, shoes are dreams to us) and putting them on both elbows. One slipper to an elbow and running barefooted like there's a wild animal chasing us. Removing those slippers makes me faster simply because those slippers were slippery especially if the soil are wet. Also, its not comfortable to run when you are wearing something on your feet.  Whenever we get tired of running, which seldom happens (because when you are playing you never get tired as long as you are happy), we get a little rest, drink some fresh water and get back to game. Those were the happy years

And because adidas has released a new ENERGY BOOST™ innovation, maybe I will think again about running. I will start from fun runs then a regular running exercise. This ENERGY BOOST™ which has a limited pairs available will definitely gives you an energy return, an optimal fit, superior cushioning and a temperature standard three times higher than standard EVA materials.

This new BOOST™ will hit the Bonifacio Global City on February 27, 2013. Only 200 pairs available in the country and runners can reserved a pair even before it hit the market. Adidas, the leading sports brand in the world is offering a 100 pairs for pre-order mechanism that is privileged for South East Asia from February 15 until February 24 which you pick-up on February 2 at Bonifacio Global City. You can make your reservation at and join the Running Revolution!!!

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