Thursday, February 21, 2013

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MALUNGGAY experience with Moringa - O2 (REVIEW)

Lately malunggay has become very popular in every corner of household kitchens. Almost everyone was so taken by this vegetable for it's nutrient contents. It was used in the kitchen of locals to professional chef.

In our province this malunggay can be found in every backyard, never knowing how useful this plant is. We use it mainly for simple dishes. But today, malunggay has been so popular that it was used to different products not only on dishes, it was also used in breads, soaps, and this time.... lotion.


Moringa - O2 is a herbal lotion that the main ingredient is malunggay extract. It contains Olive Oil and Omega that protect the skin from the direct heat of the sun thus, making the skin smooth and nourished. Moringa - O2 also softens the skin. Malungay extract also helps prevent the skin from early aging which makes you look younger. I usually put on lotion after bath to prevent skin from dryness. The packing is great to carry wherever I go. So, Moringa - O2 becomes a part of my everyday bag. I always carry it with me. It is my addiction to put on lotion whenever my skin gets sapple and if I have been under the heat for long hours.

It has mild fragrance. Smell fresh and yes, it smells like you get a handful of malunggay leaf and crushed them with your bare hands. No poignant feelings, no pungent odor. It absorbs easily by the skin. Not sticky nor greasy instead it moisten your skin. There is nothing to dislike about this product.

Moringa - O2 is manufactured locally by ARDENT WORLD INC.. They are the company behind the successful and best-selling skin whitening .

What are the benefits from Moringa - O2 MALUNGGAY herbal moisturing lotion? Here are some benefits you can get from using this lotion:
     a. deeply nourishes and moisturizes dry skin
     b. smoothens and softens dry, scaly skin
     c. stimulates cell regeneration and cell renewal
     d. improves skin slasticity and suppleness
     e. helps in slowing down signs of aging
     f. lightens skin
     g. UVA/UVB protection
     h. Quick absorption and non-greasy.

This is a free review. It was not paid by any individual or organization. I am making this review based on my experience. Neither Arden World Inc nor Moringa - O has contacted me for this review.

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