Sunday, March 31, 2013

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I Want to Be Part of Sample Room's Bloggers Circle

    I started blogging a few years back. It was not a serious blog, I don't intend to make money out of it. Ironically titled: Pimpy Eyes of kitty cat original title was "everything-under-the-sun" but that was so common that I have to change the title. I know I have a long title, anyways I don't use it in full. I refer to my page as Ironically tiTled.  What's ironic about this blog is that there is no post being ironic. :)
    I put up the page simply to record my thoughts, my likes, my finds, adventure, activities, experiences and many others. A-L-L about me. 
    In the later half of 2012, I noticed the change in the focus of my post. From the rags and un-categorized posts, I slowly got interested in fashion and beauty. My interest in fashion and beauty care was influenced by my co-worker and my maid of honor-best friend. We go shopping together and we try on clothing on every boutique we went to in the malls and we tester items - lipstick, blush on, mascara, etc.- in beauty care stores. We even spray different fragrances, long as they are free and for testing!!.. :)
    I admit I am a late bloomer when it comes to fashion and beauty. But I believe that there is no age in beauty and no proper age in expressing yourself when it comes to fashion. We can be fashionable in any age. And we become prettier as we aged!
    Was thankful to a fellow blogger who invited me through email to join the best Sample website there is - SAMPLE ROOM! Sample Room has become part of my blogging this past few weeks, and I was always waiting for every new item that I can buy with my points. What I love about Sample Room was mentioned in my previous POST. And having experienced Sample Room I love it so much that I would really like to be included and be a part of their bloggers Circle.

   1.  Always updated and on the first to know all about Sample Room's up and coming launches!
   2. Be featured in a Blogger's Circle Page with the description of my blog and the link to it, which was i love the most. (free advertising, duh?!? (**big mouth smile**)]
   3. Free sample of course and a gift from Sample Room! (excited :] :] )
   4. And of course, free discussion and activities only exclusive for members... more learning , more fun!!

So those were the ultimate advantages which I am pursuing why I wanted to be part of Sample Room... I hope so.. :)

Any ways I am crossing my fingers... and yeah, it's only an hour left before cut -off for participants..

tsk tsk..

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