Friday, March 29, 2013

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Falling Water House (ART)

    One work of art that I have fallen in-love is a residential place somewhere in Pennsylvania. Very lovable and nature friendly work of art by an architect! I didn't visited it personally nor seen it with my very own eyes. But seeing pictures is enough to fall in love with this creation.

falling water house
borrowed photo from the web

       Designed by a very talented architect Frank Lloyd Wright. The house was built as a weekend home by Kauffman family whom Wright befriended the son who was studying at Wright school. Japanese architecture has been the inspiration for this art. The waterfall was integrated in the design of the house making it unique.  It is very different from usual designs of waters in the houses which is always in the view. Wrights falling water is designed to make connection within the man, nature and architecture. You could not see the waterfall itself from the house itself, but you could hear the sound of the water in all over the house, that is according to the people who have been to the place.

     In my opinion, the house is a perfect form of art. This is a dream home I can always dream about. But being practical, even if I have millions I wouldn't make my house like this. Yes, I would enjoy a good view of a falling water in my home, but with the climate change and us human facing some issues on  the shortage of fresh water for consumption, wasting water is not practical at all.
frank lloyd wright falling water
borrowed photo from the web

     But still, a house with water freely flowing underneath, hearing the sound of it and seeing such a great view reflecting different colors every season of the year or every part of the day is a blessed day already. I salute Wright for making such a remarkable  extraordinary house.

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