Monday, December 17, 2012

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What? Which to to Wear?

Messy Me ^-^
How do you chose your clothes? Do you end up like mine? Everything on the floor.. :)

These are another try out. Two outfit here was tried. Total of three styles utmost, but this isn't finished yet.. We haven't decided yet which to wear on her Christmas Party.

Remeber my previous post "Back to the basic with neon pants" told you there that my sister asked me to help her with her party outfit with the theme "VEGAS". She wanted to be the gangster/mafia... But a student mafia.. :D

The first post with the outfit was not satisfactory. She doesn't look like a gangster nor any closer to it, though it has vest on. Here, in my first photos, she wears the black and white mini dress with big ribbon at the front. Vest to show Vegas style, boots and a candy color pants. I put on the candy color pants so as to make her look not so old fashion. But I think it doesn't help her of any gangster.. he he he..

So we try to see how she will look without the pants.. And I think this looks better.. what do you think? 


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