Wednesday, January 30, 2013

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"START THE YEAR RIGHT with + GC giveaway

Every year, when January approach we make our own new years resolution. Who doesn't?
This year, 2013, I didn't make mine. I think I get tired. hehehe.. But then I listed 10 things I plan to have and invest to start 2013 right.

Here are my 10 SULIT MUST-HAVE’S to start 2013 right.

10) Brand New!  LG 32" LCD TV
samsung lcd tv
my least choice but still in my top 10. I still have a good working television  but if given a chance i would love to upgrade :)
9) Mini Divider
mini divider
this will best fit for additional home appliance wherein I can put my new tv and other home displays
 08) Levi's 501 Jeans 100% Original
levi's 501 jeans
Only if with extra money. this is my husband's weakness. 
 07) Wooden Bed Frame
wooden bed frame
Since we are planning on having our own home, I would love to this lovely bed frame!
samsung home theater
My weakness! I love loud music!!
samsung fully automatic washing machine
A necessity. We are both busy people. We need easy way to wash our clothes! a Best helper..
korean blouse
Already started a small online, this clothing line will need larger investment, so it will be added soon. 
samsung galaxy note II
First ever smartphone i could have. :) Need to catch up on technology!
samsung slim laptop
My HP Compaq has been serving me for almost over 4 years! I needed a new one . Mr. HP is already tired.. :) begging me to let him rest.. :D
wholesale fashion accessories
Business is my first priority. Need more supply and capital. 
Like my list? You can make your own too. And win just because of listing those ten list of yours.
Yes, dear, you  read it right. is giving away five (5) lucky readers P10,000.00 worth of GC's. You can buy anything you want from their website. promo

Strictly follow the guide below for the comment to count as an entry.

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5. Lastly, comment at the end of this post the name of the ten (10) things you love to have Start your Year Right With Sulit and the link to them. 

Comment should include your full name, Facebook profile URL or Twitter ID, list of the ten items with the link.

Sample of the comment to count:

Cathy Talens
My 10 Sulit Must Have
1. Brand New 32" LG LCD TV -!+LG+32%22+LCD+TV+%2832CS410%29?referralKeywords=lcd+tv&featureType=1&event=Search+Ranking,Position,1-1,1
2. ....
3. ...
4. ...
10. Wholesale and Bulk Order Fashion Accessories -

This promo is open from January 21, 2013 until February 20, 2013. (Giveaway extended until March5, 2013!!) So send in your list....

Friends, I will be waiting for your comment (^-^)

1 comment:

Cintamuni said...

Name: Cristiane Zubiaga
Twitter: @chaning19

My top 10:

1. Feng shui precious stones bracelet,Position,1-1,1

2. dell laptop,Position,1-18,18

3. LED TV,Position,1-12,12

4. bag organizer,Position,1-3,3

5. wooden hangers,Position,1-15,15

6. bed sheet,Position,1-11,11

7. juicy couture swim wear,Position,10-20,200

8. shoe boxes,Position,1-3,3

9. external hard drive,Position,1-5,5

10. bluetooth earphone,Position,1-18,18