Sunday, January 13, 2013

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"A Secret Affair" Movie Review

a secret affair

Family, Love, Friendship, Betrayal

That's few topic "A secret Affair" tackle in this movie. The story is quiet realistic. It really happens in real life. Love wasted. Friendship broken. Love failed. This is a very sad movie. Full of sexy scenes, skin exposure of the main characters specially Derek Ramsay and Andi Eigenmann.

I could say this is a typical love triangle. But watching "face to face" or Personalan in television where you can see real life stories of love, friendship and family, A Secret Affair is not an imagination story. THIS IS real story.

I commend the director, script writer and the actors for a great performance. The emotions of affected people are the typical emotion a person could feel when face to same situations.

The movie never forgot to show how Filipino family have close relationship. The family that supports each other in times of hardship and pain. The wife who shows strength and martyrdom for the sake of family. Watching the movie you can never deny that it's a Filipino masterpiece!

Tragic ending. Not the usual happy ending, man guy ending up with the  main woman character, but, it HAS the RIGHT  ending. I could never imagine ending it differently.  


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