Tuesday, November 13, 2012

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It hurts you know!

    Three days already after the Boy Scout of the Philippines (BSP) Provincial Jamborette and yet my knee still aches. Felt the pain on the third day of the jamborette, but I just ignored it because it's tolerable. But later on, I felt that there seems an inflammation on the knee cap. It's not visible though but there is this feeling that the tendons are swelling.
    I was not injured and never had an accident the entire week of the jamboree but it started aching when we walked a few meters. We are also always on mobile - going to market to buy foods for the entire outfit, attending to scouts and walking to BSP Activities - and almost always standing cooking.
    Another reason I can see of the pain is that we have no proper sleeping area. Although we have sleeping bed, it is still different to be home. :(
    I am afraid, that's the truth. And still thinking what it might be. Even cried when some people said that it will be operated. Knee is a sensitive part. Any fault on the knee might leave me paralyzed which I am afraid to be. I love my feet and I love traveling.
    I am reading online about the knee pain. And most of the notes I read suggest that it might be arthritis, tendonitis, Chondromalacia and Bursitis. But after reading about all of them, I can relate more to Bursitis. The symptoms visible for Bursitis are the things I am feeling which are: 

  • Joint pain and tenderness when you press around the joint
  • Stiffness and pain when you move the affected joint
  • Swelling, warmth or redness over the joint
   Although the third - swelling, warmth or redness over the joint - i am not sure. I am 80% sure there is swelling (inside) which I felt, warmth and redness I am not really, really sure. But if the basis is the picture above courtesy of Wikipedia.org, well it's not bursitis. Because I don't have the same visible condition. 
    I hope it's just a simple stress and over use of my foot. And may the pain would be gone sooner and not later. I am now walking with slight dis-alignment which is not normal. I couldn't depend my weight to my right knee. (^-^)

   Help! anyone?!? Can you suggest remedies without the doctors intervention? sad smiley

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