Monday, November 19, 2012

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Coping up with the International Education Curriculum

         With the continuing improvements in the Department of Education (DepEd), the previously 10-years of studying in pre-college education - elementary to secondary - became a 13 long years of sacrifice. A lot of Filipinos may not be in favor of this change but it is a necessity if we want to become globally competitive.

          But you couldn't blame our ordinary citizens to complain, what with the economic today? They would rather sell sampaguita on the streets or in front of the churches to earn a few coins for food than spent their meager peso of school fees.

          But the additional years in school aims to make our graduates to be globally competitive and internationally accepted in any types of employment. Most Filipinos are often put down when they went abroad for work.

          Take, teachers resigned from their work just to be a nanny in Hong Kong. Company managers say good bye to their lounge chairs to be an apple picker in the land of milk and honey. Worst, they would rather be a gasoline boy or a waitress in the West than to stay in their own country. Licensed doctors return to their pen and papers to be a nurse in order for them to work abroad. Doctors who graduated in our schools were disregarded when they apply for the job outside the Philippine Archipelago. But nurses are very much welcome! They are vastly needed.

          Maybe these were only few of the reasons that motivated the DepEd officials to pursue the improvement in the curriculum. Adding to it, the Philippines are left behind when it comes to curriculum-based education. We are left alone in Asia with the 10-year pre-University program and one of the remaining three countries in the whole world! It was not a surprise if we are disregarded in other countries especially the West. We boost ourselves that we have quality education (which we really have) but we are left behind when it comes to education programs!

             The 13 years of studying starts at the early age of four or five as kindergarten, six years of elementary, four years Junior High and two years Senior High. Junior High being the Grade 7 to Grade 10 and Senior High as the Grades 11 to 12. We hope that these additional years in pre-College education will not only be an additional burden to parent's wallets but really improve the quality of education our children needs.


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