Tuesday, July 3, 2012

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Poems - The Dew

     I have loved dew drops since I was a child. Growing up in countryside, you could never miss a drop in the morning then. That is one thing I've missed here in the city. Here you found nothing but polluted air. In the morning you rushed in taking your bath and rushing in to the door to get a ride. Barely noticing your surroundings. You don't even pay attention to the neighbor calling your name. Don't even bother to look at the new paint of your next doors' wall. All you think about is getting a ride and coming to work on time.
    It was so different when I was kid walking along a slippery human path. No pond on the way but my feet was washed long way before I reached the school. The  grass are wet with dew. Even the leaves of every trees and grass on the way could drench you clothes.
     I enjoy touching the leaves on my way. Dew makes my morning feel fresh and so alive. And I felt so young.....

She love creating and writing poems. This is one of her simplest. She is my youngest sibling.. Our baby Charmane.. 


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