Monday, July 16, 2012

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fAsHion du jOur

     I love fashion.. And I'm self proclaimed trying hard fashionista... HEHEHe... My friends says I have the "k" to do so, but my pocket says I can't, LOL. (^-^)
    So I do my best and try hard to make what my closet has to be special. They may not be costly but I know there are ways to make them look wonderful.. :)
    That is why I was so thankful to Miss Match for this chance to create and match clothing and accessories to explore and experience fashion! Thanks!
    On their website you can create your look and express your taste! Whew.. So much fun, million times fun..
    Imagine, in just one night I already created four (4) LOOKS! Real Amazing!!
click the photo to see the details of each item in this match
    My first combination... I know it's not so  much fashionista.. I was just inspired by being formal..a typical office outfit.. :)
    I hope you guys liked them.. coz I do love them.


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