Sunday, July 22, 2012

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International Giveaway - HOPE ROAD

     Huh! I almost lost the chance to join this giveaway! And it almost slipped my knowledge, duh?!? What am I doing? Might been so excited and get too  drawn to fashion - polyvore and miss-match - for most time.. hahahaha... Good thing the giveaway is still open and not yet close. Thanks BOOKLOVER REVIEWS for this chance!!!!
    You know, reading suspense/crime novel is what I... really, really love...Suspense is my favorite story - might it be book or even movie. I love holding my breath while reading them imagining who would be the REAL innocent or the REAL villainous character. :) What more, in suspense stories when I read them I always suspect the heinous characters to be the villain and the playing nice aura will always be the innocent, but in the end I would always be surprise to know that sometimes the friend of the main character is the real foe. Always with hidden hate or envy. And sometimes I couldn't wait for the book to end, to learn what each character hides and who among them tells the truth, or how could they cover up the crime.
    Once a suspense/crime story is opened, there should be no more tomorrows for reading, for tomorrow will be forever. Tomorrow would seemed a year of waiting, as if finishing the book in one seating could change the fate of the victim. And it felt, to me, that if I didn't finish the book, more death will be upon the characters... hahahhahaha... sounds crazy??? Maybe... but that's how suspense do to me..
     This next book "HOPE ROAD" by John Barlow seems to be a promising suspense novel that will surely make me hold my breath and take a day of weekend reading without pause..if only BOOKLOVERS REVIEW would  give me a copy.. :)(: I will be forever greatful..


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