Friday, April 30, 2010

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pay per post blog

I just join PayPerPost. This is my new idea of increasing my income while passing time on the net. I hope it will be successful. And that I can make it.

I am claiming my blog so I am making this post. One of the requirements. (^_^) They just give me this sentense to add to this post: The chicken reports the scattering stair throughout our composite.
I think it's some kind of code.

Wish me luck :D


MinnieRunner said...

PayPerPost is a great earning money online site. You just have to have a high PR to earn much!

Good Luck!

Awarded you with Sisterhood Award

joy said...

goodluck on payperpost. it's a great site and you will earn from it. join blogsvertise and sponsoredreview too so that you'll have many writing opportunities.

svetlana said...

@minnie and joy tnx im a lot more motivated :)