Wednesday, September 16, 2009

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patrick swayze soon be a real 'ghost'

"The Ghost" - Patrick Swayze - hollywood actor and publicist - the man behind the 'Ghost', 'Dirty Dancing', and 'the Beast' movies died at 57 of pancreatic cancer. It so sad to learn that after 20 months of fighting the disease Swayze was defeated.

My, my, how heartbreaking it is, one more well-known person, a heart-throb that is, says goodbye.

Would love to watch his movies. may be i will watch them again.

But atleast he died with his family beside him, specially
the supportive wife, Liza.
Good bye patrick - and condolences to the Swayze family.
I love your movies though you are way ahead of my generation.

Will Patrick be a ghost? hmmm...

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