Tuesday, September 29, 2009

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ONDOY - in Manila

It's really drastic, what typhoon 'Ondoy' has done in Manila Area. There's a lot of water and flooded everywhere. It was Saturday -September 26, 2009 - when the rain starts. And it's already September 29, and the flood on some areas had not subsided yet.

There victims who are not rescued yet. And some who doesn't have a home, and more, lost family members. Loved Ones. I feel sorry for them. I can relate to what they feel. I can understand their pain.

I have encountered same situation before in my life. Being away to you love one when tragedy came.
Being helpless on how to help them. Having no way to contact them. No way to know how really they are.
I felt like crying, I felt like being so helpless, so useless. I can feel the phobia.

I felt horrible listening to the news, even to the fm radio stations while they update everyone on the situation.
I felt sorry and in pain, listening to the call of help. And I feel more sorry those who call to asked anybody about their love ones. Desperately asking for information, if any, about family and friends whom they cannot reach even through phone or any means.

I can remember how I felt during the typhoone Reming in 2006. When our province was buried under lava and mud. When while trying to contact our family we couldn't reach them. No way to call, no way to come to them to help. Roads are closed, cell sites are destroyed. Every hour and every minute you pray and cry. You feel helpless. Especially if it takes days before you reach and heard from them.

But I look on the positive side of these situations. When such tragedies came, people tend to help, tried to be nice, and most of all, they at last remember to call to GOD whom we usually forget and ignore when times are better. In our helplessness, we feel being human, we feel for others, and we ask GOD guidance and rescue.

I'm not able to help those victim of calamities financially, but I do always pray for them. For their family, that they always remember to call on God, and that people remember to Love our environment again. THat we start caring for our nature again. This is God's way of getting our attention in our busy lives. I pray for those all  victims.

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