Sunday, September 18, 2011

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Teacher's Day is celebrated every 5th of October in the whole world since 1994. It is nice to hear that teacher's are honored in the whole world.

World Teacher's Day shows the considerable token of appreciation, awareness and understanding displayed for the very important contribution which teacher’s make to development and education. Teacher's in all level is included in this celebration. Through this celebration, we also recollect the role of teachers in providing quality education.

This years Teacher's Day Theme is "Teachers for gender equality".

Why this theme? I think because the teaching profession is largely made up of women and inequality remains an issue. Many men got interested in teaching too, and equality in both men and women is enclose in most policies and constitution in many countries, the goal is still unfulfilled.

This celebration hopes and wish to fulfill this goal. Let's go and move on. Unite for success and be a model.

Happy Teachers' Day!!! (^-^)

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