Friday, July 29, 2011

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Looking Forward

I think I'm bored. I've been in vacation for two months with nothing to do but
eat, sleep, cook, and eat, sleep, cook and ....

I am not allowed to work myself hard so basically, all I can do to help in household tasks is wash dishes or help in preparing the food.

I admit I enjoyed most of the days. But there are times that I felt bored and
sad and depressed. I never thought that doing nothing could cause me some level of depression.

In previous months before my vacation, I was so depressed and angry with my work and employer and the department heads. How I wish that time that I could be in vacation.

I was granted a vacation, but in negative, hurtful way. I lost my baby.
I now believe in the saying "Be careful what you wish for". I wish I still have
my baby even if it would mean coming back everyday in that hellish office. But it is already too late.

I am a few days away in coming back to work. I would love to go back at work but thinking of my supervisors and managers is so non-motivating. I don't look forward in coming back in the office again, but I love to work again. I hope that before this vacation ends the teaching position I applied in would send me a good news.

I am a bit afraid in the change of environment, the challenge of teaching and the life ahead as teacher but I would welcome a new life, a new adventure.

I hope I could be an inspiration. An instrument of God. I look forward to helping young minds pursue their dreams.

I pray that I could be a good example and a good educator and a better human if I am offered the job.

So help me God.


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