Tuesday, February 22, 2011

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Different Abusive Behaviors

There is so much violence in our country. Not to mention violence in our home and with our love ones or from our beloved people without us knowing it. Sometimes we think or treat them as normal way of life. That it is part of our lives. But if we have knowledge of the act as violence we may find ways to stop them.

I am sharing these list of different abusive behaviors we usually encounter in our homes. I have read from a book written by G.A. McKevett (A Decadent Way to Die)
  1. Calling you names, putting you down.
  2. Humiliating and embarassing you in front of the others.
  3. Cursing and shouting at you
  4. Shoving, slapping, choking or hitting you
  5. Saying you are a bad parent, threatening to take the children away from you
  6. Exhibiting jealousy and suspicion
  7. Controlling who you see and speak to and where you go
  8. Insisting on making all the decisions (not even asking your opinion)
  9. Preventing you from working or going to school
  10. Interfering with you seeing your family family and friends
  11. Destroying your property (or threatening to)
  12. Harming your pets (or threatening to)
  13. Intimidating you with guns, knives, or other weapons
  14. Controlling the money, making you financially dependent on them
  15. Acting like the abuse is no big deal, saying it was your fault, or denying it
  16. Forcing you to have sex or some form of sex that you don't like
  17. Forcing you to drop charges
  18. Threatening to kill you (and/or people you love.
I have love this book and now I am sharing this to you. I hope it is helpful. I think for us to know these, first thing is for us to admit it, not be afraid to recognize with it. Just put in your mind you are not alone, there are much worse than your situation. (-.-)

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