Monday, February 21, 2011

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Cherry Mobile Q6i

My sister ask me to buy her a phone with mp3 and camera features with low budget. So I look around and here's what I found for her. I think it really is very affordable for a complete feature of a phone. Though I don't know yet if it has a lasting quality.

 I got my sis the Qwerty Cherry Mobile Q6i.

And here's the specifications.

  • Analog TV with recording
  • FM Radio with recording
  • 2.0 Megapixels camera
  • Dual Band GSM 900/1800
  • Dual Sim/Dual Standby
  • 2.3" TFT Wide LCD display
  • QWERTY keypad
  • Multimedia Player
  • WAP 2.0/GPRS Class 12
  • Bluetooth
  • 3.5mm Headset Interface
  • JAVA MIDP 2.0
  • Micro SD up to 8GB

With these features it is worth P2,790 ($64.37) only. I know it is very affordable but I am a little afraid if it is long lasting and I am crossing my finger.. :) (-.-)


anatasuki_chocolate said...

hi there...i hope you don't mind me asking. How's the phone now? did you or your sis had problems with it? I just brought the same phone today. i was too excited upon seeing it and bought it immidietly. but when i got home, surf the net, read some reviews, im having doubts also if this will last...i hope to hear from you...thanks ^_^

svetlana said...

hi.. well, so far since we bought it there's nothing unsatisfactory happened. it is still in good condition and working properly. the only problem of my sis is it internet connection. it has slow connection to the net but working ... :)
i hope you will be satisfied with your too...:)

Anonymous said...

hi! I just wanna ask.. how's the phone right now? I'm planning to buy it because of the TV and because I found it cute and really slim... Just like Anatasuki_chocolate I surf the net and found a lot of bad reviews about it. Hoping you could provide me information. Thanks!

svetlana said...

Hello anonymous!!

Thanks for visiting.. Well, my sister still has the phone and so far it's still the phone she is using. Everything is great and working well.

Though, there is one problem she has. It's a dual SIM. And she has two SIMs working. On SIM 1 everything is fine. But when I call her on SIM 2 the operator always says that the number I am calling cannot be reached. But it is working when she is the one calling me. And it receives and sends text messages. So I am not sure if the problem is with the phone or the SIM itself.

But so far, everything is fine. Anyways, the durability of a gadget also depends on the user. Just take a little extra care... :)

I hope it helps..