Thursday, July 29, 2010

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more myths and beliefs

In our culture, I grew up with old saying that whenever a large colorful butterfly enters your home especially on unexpected day and unreasonable hour, it is said that you have a visitor - a soul, a long dead relatives.

Two nights before our wedding day at nine in the evening some strange and beautiful creature became our visitor. A mammoth.. a very beautiful mammoth. I have the privilege to take a picture of it. It didn't stay all night, but it stayed long enough for us to be awestruck.

My family, especially my parents, believed that our grandmother who died when I was still a kid was visiting. I didn't argue, maybe they are, maybe they are not. But I was happy it did visit, it is such a pleasure to still see some kind of creature that you don't usually see.

I don't know what kind of butterfly or insect or whatever it is. Whats important is its beautiful. My friend says I should have caught it and dried and preserved in a bottle. I think yes, I should have, why I didn't think of it that time? It would be a great remembrance. But thinking back now, I am still grateful I didn't do that, at least the creature still lives and some other people will be blessed to see them. Some other people will be happy in its simple ways.. right?


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