Thursday, October 15, 2009

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Swear & Lie

I'm at work doing some editing in our project
when some phrases catches my attention and interest.
That is me. I love picking good lines on books or articles
I read. Well, today's phrase is all about Swearing
and Lying.

That's true, swearing at court "never to tell lie but the truth
and nothing but the whole truth".

In court we are all required to lie even as we swear
to tell the truth. If someone said they would not tell
the truth, we would believe them but we will be held in
contempt of the court, aren't we? So we are forced to lie.

I haven't experienced being in court, but I've watched movies
and news that shows court sessions and eveyone before asked
to speak is under oath to tell the truth nothing but the whole

So I wonder if whatever said in court is truth. Maybe mostly
said are lies. Huh, even the law required us to lie..


jenskie said...

agree... justice is really blind you have to play right to win the case. You can even life or tell the truth just to be acquitted.


jenskie said...

sorry for the mispelled word "life" it should be "lie" -my bad-