Wednesday, October 14, 2009

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goodbye stephen gately

I've been a big fan of BOYZONE before. No, let me correct that, I've been a big fan of their songs. I love their voice and the soothing love songs they make. I've been a kid during those times. Gays in our area is not yet much appreciated, they are trampled upon and laughed at. I admired it when Stephen Gately admitted that he is gay. It doesn't matter to me. It doesn't affect the way I love their songs. For me singers are just the instrument, what important is their song and their voice. And I have been fond of gays even before. They are so courageous to admit to the world their difference, and they are very, very confident of themselves, most of them anyway.

So for you gays, especially Stephen Gately, I admire your courage, I admire your self-confident, and your legacy. Goodbye and I hope you are in good hands. May you now rest in peace.

We will miss you!

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