Saturday, September 25, 2010

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It's "BER" time

Time flies. I remember when I was just a fresh graduate, fresh from books and assignments and examinations. I was so excited to the idea of finding a job, building a career and earning my own money. Well, it's been years now. I have my job and I earn my own money for a living. But do I have a career? Sad, but I don't think I do have.

Anyways, I think there's still a lot of time. And yes, time really flies without us noticing. It flew beside us, but we never noticed and we never knew. Only yesterday it is December and it's Christmas. But whoah!, it's 'BER' season again. And Christmas, here it comes...

Yes, it's 'BER' time again and Christmas is the talk of the town. Most of us are getting excited - colorful displays, joyful music and happy faces - all around us. The Yuletide season is very alive now. Many decorates their home already with Christmas parol, Christmas lights and different colorful Christmas decorations. Everybody is shopping for Christmas trees. Some are already looking around for a cheaper but useful gifts and souveneirs.

Another part of Christmas season that is most awaited and looking forward to is bonuses and thirteen month pays by the companies. We are looking forward to it. It is addition budget for this party and is a really great aid for all the expenses we are going to make. This is fun time, yes, but it is also an expensive one. :)

And of course, Christmas parties is always part of the season. School officials, group organizers and company CEO's are all at hard work for the preparations. Mostly are talking about the time, venue, food, the costumes, games, raffles and the gifts. So much to think about and a lot of preparations needed.

It is not a simple task. It could be stressful but it is fun. So, so much to the preparations, what have you plan for the season???

Advance Happy Christmas and Prosperous New Year!!!


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