Monday, November 23, 2009

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EFREN Peñaflorida - 2009 cnn hero

I am a Filipino and I am proud to be. Filipinos are known internationally - sports, music and most of all our hospitality and good heart. Manny Pacquiao is one for sports, Chariz Pempengco for music, and now we have EFREN PEÑAFLORIDA for a hero, not just here in the Philippines but internationally. 

They brought us goodwill and virtue. They make us proud. They make us believe in our selves, in our capacity and our capability. They make us trust ourselves and believe we can make the once was impossible for us.

Only a few weeks ago  Manny 'pacman'  Pacquiao make us  proud  by winning his seventh world boxing division. Now a new hero was recognized - Efren Peñaflorida - the 2009 CNN proclaimed hero. I felt proud having voted for him. And even if didn't win the title I would still be proud for him.

It's so wonderful to learn that Filipinos good heart never ceases thru times - even in times of crisis - nothing can stop us to be known and to excel and be proud. I salute you Efren and admired and I am proud of you! 


jenskie said...

this guy is certainly a hero, he's doing all the efforts to educate the street children. it is nice to think that a simple person has a big heart to help the less fortunate. I mean there are filthy rich people who just waste their money for nothing and won't even care for the needy.

Efren really deserves the award and the world should know him.

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svetlana said...

@jen yeah that's why i'm proud of him..i really looked up to people who are like him..