Wednesday, August 26, 2009

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EL SHADDAI 25th anniversary

el shaddai
mike velarde
     I'm not a very religious person, in fact I barely go to church. I am christened as a Roman Catholic, grow up as Catholic. My mom brings me to church every now & then to attend mass. But when I grow up, I came to church less and less. I attended different religious gatherings & enjoyed them. 

     I have attended Youth Camp conducted by one christian organization, been invited to Iglesia ni
Kristo but I was never convinced to join their church. The latest I have ever been is the El Shaddai Anniversary gathering last August 22, 2009. Their group which is lead by Bro Mike Z. Velarde held their 25th anniversary that day at Quirino Grandstand at Luneta Park. I was invited by a friend and enjoyed the night listening to their religious teachings. 

     The prayers started early in the evening though I came around 10p.m. and end at 7:00 am the next morning. There were so many of people who attended. I can see that religion still matter to most people .. these pictures (right side) are taken during the candle lighting around 4:00 am the next morning of August 23, 2009.

     Here are some more pictures taken during sunrise while Bro. Mike Z Velarde's teaching.
I cant be sure if all of them are listening, praying, or've seen a lot who's sleeping..
such a shame...!!!!

el shaddai anniversary

el shaddai

el shaddai

el shaddai

el shaddai


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Anonymous said...

yeah!acctually..i'm also a member of el shaddai...i'm a youth for el shaddai...means we are worshipers of god..!we are not only dancing...we're praising and worship God!
i didn't attend the anniversary 'cuz i'm in israel now...but i have listened to until it finish!and i'm felt very blessed even i'm very far!
to God be the glory!!!godbless sister!
keep ur faith to God!:)