Saturday, October 27, 2012

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I Can Be Body Beautiful at Any Age with Wacoal

I'm sexy and I know it.    :)

       I do not have an hourglass body but just a li'l close (haha, wishful thinking) but I am sexy and I know it - very much. And you could be, too. It doesn't matter if your shoulder are broader than your Pa's or that your hips is wider than your door. You could be pass up for a post or bamboo, or your friend may call you a "stick", it doesn't matter, you can be body beautiful.
wacoal intimate apparel

          Your age should not affect how you see your body. I notice that when people grow older they became body conscious. Our body shape do change as we grow older. Don't panic, though, that's just normal. I am a living proof of that. I used to be a skinny kid during school days [(32-24-33) weighing 85lbs.].   And even during after graduation and early working years. I notice the change when I reached the age of 25.

          Slowly, I noticed the the increase in my weight (wish it was my height, haha). In the past, I always choose small sizes for my garments but lately, small sizes don't fit me anymore. I am now a medium size. My jeans changed from 25/26 to 27/28. You can see the change in my hips and the muscled areas as well. I admit, I like more the "ME" now. I am much sexier today and well shaped. (walang kokontra). Although there are parts of me that gain unwanted muscles as well and they are bulging (2 layered bilbil :-| ) I am not ashamed of it. All you need is the confidence, no matter how young or how old you are, you could be so sexy.
wacoal intimate apparel 30s
        If you wear the right clothes and correct undergarments, you will surely have the confidence you need to be body beautiful.As long as you can carry well what you wear, move with confidence, strut like no one is watching....... you are beautiful. And Wacoal will help us to achieve all confidence we need.  It will help us to feel beautiful inside-out. For so long years, Wacoal continues cultivating creativity that will give a lot of true confidence to women of all ages. They never stop innovating to find women's best shape of life by wearing comfortable and perfectly fit intimate apparels.

 Choose your age.....find your fit.....Be Body Beautiful.....

wacoal body beautiful
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Friday, October 26, 2012

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Classic Styles Leggings & Rivet Mint Jumper Giveaway

    After the school bags, galaxy dress, galaxy leggings and halloween leggings giveaway, they have it again. Romwe has new giveaway to all its readers, fans and customers. This time, another leggings is at stake. Three winners everyday starting October 29 until November 12, 2012. Very simple steps to follow:
romwe leggings giveaway
1. Just visit, sign up and fill out your correct shipping address.
2.  Enter your name and registered email on the giveaway page HERE.
    Enter Another Romwe giveaway - a Rivet Mint Jumper HERE.
romwe rivet mint jumper
     That's all! So what are you waiting for?  I also recommends that you like their facebook page and subscribe to their youtube page.


Thursday, October 25, 2012

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What's in my Mail?

     Yay, I was afraid that it got lost in the post.. lolz.. Do you remember the CHOIES SCARF and GOLD AUTUMN Giveaway? Well, those were just some of their awesome giveaway. And guess what? I did won in both of them. :)
red painting scarf
choies package
     But it was months ago since that giveaway. I already thought that those items got lost in the post. And to top it all, the shipment was interrupted with China's Holiday where the items will came from. And upon checking the tracking, learned that  the packaged arrive in our country (Philippines) last October 5 but a week has past and no package arrived, no text from the post, either. So when two weeks has passed without update about the package, I personally went to the local post to check.
choies products

Good thing that I did went, it was already there and the postage says that it reached our Province last October 9 and our city on October 16. And it's already the 25th of month and they didn't advice or send the package in our home though we are only a five(5) minute ride from the post office. I did mention it to my colleague and I learned that our local post is really like that.. (they ignore whatever package they have) they rarely send you your package, mail or any other sort of things that is sent through the post. Sad, but that is the reality. 

rhinestone skull ringrhinestone skull ring

     Anyways, though it took more than a month before it came to my hands, I am still thankful that it did reach me. And I am double greatful because all the items were so beautiful. I love the rings (Skull ring and the simple cross ring) and the scarf is so soft and so beautiful. I already tried wearing it and wrapping it around me. Trying to wear it not as scarf but as a dress, and it is so pretty. The scarf is prettier when worn (especially the color) than it is when folded. Much livelier actually.
vintage owl necklacegolden simple cross ring

      I was surprised with the vintage owl necklace though. It was not part of the giveaway. But then again, I think it is a privilege, a freebie. And I am thankful.


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

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We Train, We Learn - Basic Training Course

 That was the first discipline we learned on our first day of training. A boy scout always greets “good morning” no what time of the day  it could be morning, afternoon or night. It is a sign of new hope, new day and brotherhood.                Our three day training started the morning of September 7th, 2012 and ended on the 9th of the same month. First day was Scouting Orientation Course with the entire participants. We came around 8:30 a.m., registered ourselves and joined the rest of the participants in the orientation. During the opening program, DepEd Superintendent Tarcila P. Javier, CESO V was there to meet and speak with everybody. Senior Scout Mr. Romeo R. Vicmudo led the opening program. He introduced all of the rest of Scouters. He grouped all participants into Langkay, Troops and Outfit. Langkay was composed of Teachers of Grades 1-3, Troops were Teachers of Grades 4-6 and Secondary level Teachers filled the Outfit. We then asked to groups ourselves into nine (9). When we are done grouping ourselves, he then gave us names of the team and we became Outfit SEA DOLPHIN.

                We have had so much excitement and we couldn’t wait for the activities of the day ahead. The first day was basic training course so lecture was expected. But when the second day continuous with the lecture, excitement declined and was replaced with boredom. The morning of the second day though was promising. Langkay, Troops and Outfits were sent into different activities with their scouters. As members of the Outfit, we have four (4) station s to attend that day. In those four, we were thought on how to Read a Compass (or should have thought), Preparedness in Case of Emergencies (purely lecture), Songs and Games (all action songs) and Rope Tying. Among the four, we like Songs and Games best although Rope Tying was also great. Compass Reading and Emergency Preparedness was a bit boring because it was purely a lecture without application.
                Before the morning ends, we have had our games which we really very much enjoyed and it was really such a memorable event. We only had two team games – Skinning the Snake and Catching the Tail. SEA DOLPHIN was one of the first teams to be ousted in Skinning the Snake game. But we have a good fight during the Catching the Tail. We ranked #2 in that game even though we have a little scene during the game (I just dive the dry groundsJ).
                The rest of the afternoon was purely lecture that has bored us to death. Foods were served late. We couldn’t wait for the next day to come.
                Excitement was the feeling everyone brought with them on the morning of the third day. We have hiking awaiting after the flag ceremony. Medals for outstanding teams or individual were awarded during the flag ceremony. Our flag was awarded 3 medals and Mrs. Rowena P. Magsino bagging one of them for being Best Performer. After the awarding, rain started to fall which makes the hiking more thrilling.
                It was already afternoon (past 3:00pm) when we finished the trail and reach the final destination. It was then followed by a closing program lead by Mr. Vicmudo. Present during the closing ceremony were Regional Scout/Sec. General Imelda S. Samson, OIC/Council Scout Executive Maria Fe A. Dela Cruz, the course leaders(scouters) and all of the participants.
                We started the Basic Training Course with a song and we ended with a song.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

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Hot: Carrot Orange Dress

     Another day to express myself in clothing I love. :D
I have few moments to wear my style. With my work, I am always on uniform. And on few times like this, I make the best that I can to escape from those mawkish clothes.
   This time I explore something from my closet that I haven't wore for a very very long time and that I cannot think of occasion to wear it to. I can't wear them in school and I don't party much.
This is a casual day, me going for a simple task... canvassing for a closer, cheaper but offer best quality of education for my MASTERS. I put on my carrot orange dress from SUNDANCE. Actually it is a bit old, buttons are gone and just so plain --- orange.. 
  I have created a diversion from being so plain.. From my not so old shorts, I got the ribbon/belt.. wrap it around me and then ...... voila!!! **wink, wink**
To finish it all up, now is the time (maybe) to use my newly bought Reva flats. (-.^) 
I hope it matches... 


Saturday, October 13, 2012

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Nutrition 2012 - Cookfest

Good day, sweeties,

It is late, I admit. But I hope you enjoy (^-^)

*three menus (beverage,  side dish and main dish)
*main ingredients - vegetable.


And their final products......


Judging Time:

And the winners:

Junior Years - for beverage
Grade 7 - for side Dish
Sophomore - for Main Dish
And of course
Seniors - for Best Presentation